Companies registered in Estonia

Tele2 telephone number for an Estonian company on a contractual basis

There are two ways to get an Estonian telephone number: to buy a prepaid starter pack in any kiosk or enter into a contract with an Estonian mobile operator, for example, Tele2.

A starter pack cannot be linked to your company, so your mobile costs will not be classified as business expenditure. You will also not be able to pay for parking in Estonia using your mobile phone. Moreover, the cost of making calls and surfing the Internet will be appreciably higher.

A tariff plan, on the other hand, has no such disadvantages. If you are a contracted customer with Tele2, you will be able to buy telephones and tablets for your company on hire purchase terms and benefit from other programmes for customers.

However, it is not possible to sign a contract with a mobile operator unless there is at least one local resident in the management board of your company. If you visit any store of any mobile operator in Estonia with such a request, it will certainly be refused.

But thanks to our long-standing expertise and impeccable business reputation we are ready to offer you another unique service: an Estonian telephone number, including a selection of the so-called vanity numbers (i.e. those which are easy to memorise).

Another convenient option is to divert local incoming calls to your main telephone number in another country. 


Time frame: two to five working days.


Regular/vanity number –  100 euros


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