Companies registered in Estonia

Registration of an estonian company with you present

The price of the package includes:

  • preliminary guidance;
  • drafting the constitutional documents (articles and memorandum of association) in Estonian;
  • assistance with choosing a name for the company; checking whether the name is available;
  • selecting the company’s principle activity in the classification;
  • business address rental and processing of incoming post (scanning and forwarding) for one year;
  • contact person services for one year (a statutory requirement in Estonia);
  • arranging an appointment with a notary and support during notarisation of the constitutional documents;
  • notary fees;
  • state fees;
  • support with opening a bank account in Estonia (Tallinn); or opening a corporate account in Swedbank under a power of attorney;
  • making a seal (upon request; within one month after the company has been registered);
  • drawing up an invitation in Estonian to obtain a multiple entry Estonian visa for a term of six months to three years on the grounds of being a member of the management board in an Estonian company (upon request);



You will get a company that has been duly set up and is ready for operation with the complete set of notarised constitutional documents (articles and memorandum of association), a contract for renting a business address and using the contact person services and an account opened in an Estonian bank. 


Advantages of registering a company in Estonia with you present

  • This is the fastest way to register a company if you are able and willing to promptly come to Tallinn to sign the constitutional documents at a notary’s office.
  • You do not have to spend time and money on notarising the power of attorney in your home country and sending it to Tallinn.

Disadvantages of registering a company in Estonia with you present

  • Additional expenses and time needed to come to Tallinn. 


Time frame

After the documents have been signed at a notary’s office in Tallinn, the company will be fully set up within two to five working days.


700 euros




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