Companies registered in Estonia

Registration of an estonian company under a power of attorney

The price of the package includes:

  • preliminary guidance;
  • drafting the constitutional documents (articles and memorandum of association) in Estonian;
  • checking the availability of a company name; assistance with choosing a name;
  • selecting the company’s principle activity in the classification;
  • notarised translation into Estonian of an application to the commercial register from a future member of the management board (up to two persons);
  • business address rental and processing of incoming post (scanning and forwarding) for one year;
  • contact person services for one year (a statutory requirement in Estonia);
  • notary fees;
  • state fees;
  • support with opening a bank account in Estonia (Tallinn); or opening a corporate account in Swedbank under a power of attorney;
  • making a seal (upon request; within one month after the company has been registered);
  • drawing up an invitation in Estonian to obtain a multiple entry Estonian visa for a term of six months to three years on the grounds of being a member of the management board in an Estonian company (upon request);
  • forwarding the constitutional documents by courier to the client’s address (upon request).



You will get a company that has been duly set up and is ready for operation with the complete set of notarised constitutional documents (articles and memorandum of association), a contract for renting a business address and using the contact person services and an account opened in an Estonian bank. 


Advantages of registering a company in Estonia under a power of attorney

  • There is no need to come to Tallinn in person and spend extra time and money on that.
  • The registration process is fairly quick.

Disadvantages of registering a company in Estonia under a power of attorney

  • The total time needed to register a company is extended by the period needed to notarise the power of attorney in your home country and send it to Tallinn.
  • Costs associated with notarising the power of attorney and sending it to us.


Time frame

After we have received from you the notarised power of attorney and all the information necessary to draw up the constitutional documents, the company will be fully set up within 4 to 8 working days.



800 euros 


Procedure for registering a company in Estonia under a power of attorney


1. You find us at EstonianCompany.eu

2. You contact us at info@estoniancompany.eu  or on +372 555 111 27

3. We send you draft documents for setting up a company

4. You send the documents back to Tallinn and make the payment in any way convenient to you

5. We receive the documents in Tallinn and arrange an appointment with a notary

6. In three to five days your COMPANY IS READY!

7. Upon your request, we send you the company documents

8. You receive the constitutional documents of your company.

Opening of a corporate bank account

There are two ways to open a bank account: with or without you present.


1. We arrange the time and date of your visit

2. We meet and go to a bank

3. In 30 minutes your bank account is open


1. We send you draft documents for opening a bank account

2. You send us the completed documents

3. We receive them in Tallinn and open a bank account for you

4. We send you the bank documents.



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