Companies registered in Estonia

Registered address rental in Estonia

NB! When you register a company with our assistance, the price you pay already includes one year of business address rental and contact person service.


If your company or branch needs a postal and/or registered address in Estonia, you can rent it from us. The address is needed to enter your company in the Estonian commercial register. The rental includes the service of storing, scanning and emailing the incoming post (up to 10 letters per month).

You can specify the list of senders whose letters should either stay in your personal box until you collect them or be sent to you anywhere in the world via DHL. We guarantee total confidentiality of all your correspondence. Forwarding is charged in accordance with DHL's price list.


If you give us permission to open your post, we will scan your letters and email them to you.

It is the same the other way around. You send us a letter via DHL and we will forward it to its intended addressee specifying the Estonian return address on the envelope. You can also send us a text via email or by fax. Our office employees will print out your letter, put it in an envelope and send it to the intended addressee. The forwarding of 10 letters is included in the monthly rental price.  Any correspondence in excess of the said limit will be charged in accordance with Eesti Post's price list and the cost of expendable supplies (paper, toner, etc.).


In addition to the services listed above (the receipt and forwarding of your post), you can, for an extra charge, use our office or conference hall for meetings with your partners or clients. All you need to do is let us know about your visit in advance so that we could agree on a suitable time and date.


120 euros per year


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our contact details.

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