Companies registered in Estonia

What is an Estonian e-residency card?

What is it for?

An e-residency card enables you to use electronic services offered in Estonia and sign documents digitally. A digital signature is equivalent to a classical signature that you put by hand.  The card has no photograph on it but is equipped with a microchip that is read by an ID-reader.


How to apply

You can apply for this card in person at a customer service office of the Police and Border Guard Board in Estonia or via the Internet by filling in a form at e-estonia.com (it will take you 10 to 20 minutes to do that) and paying the state fee of 100 euros.


How to receive the card

You can collect your e-residency card in one of the 34 countries hosting an Estonian embassy or consulate or at a customer service office of the Police and Border Guard Board in Estonia. Along with the card, you will get the PIN-codes needed to confirm various actions and operations.


An e-residency card:

  • DOES NOT grant you citizenship in the usual sense of the word, tax residence, right of residence or right of entry into Estonia or the EU;
  • DOES NOT function as a substitute for an actual ID document or a visa.


An e-residency card ENBALES YOU:

  • to register your company electronically*;
  • to use Internet services offered by Estonian banks;
  • to have access to online customer service of the Tax and Customs Board and submit documents and declarations electronically;
  • to sign documents digitally, which makes the conclusion and completion of contracts, forms and other documents much easier;
  • to have access to other services in Estonia, where electronic identification is possible;
  • to use a personal identification code in Estonia.

* The requirement of having a registered office in Estonia and a contact person who is a local resident still applies.


Time frame

It will take you two to three weeks to receive an e-residency card in Estonia and three to five weeks to receive it at an embassy or consulate. 



  • The state fee is 100 euros.
  • The charge for assisting with correct completion of the application form and submitting it via the Internet is 50 euros (for those clients who commissioned us to set up their company via the Internet, the guidance and assistance are included in the price for Package 3).
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