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Opening a personal bank account in swedbank remotely

Procedure for opening a Swedbank account

1. Use the services of a notary in your home country to obtain a notarised power of attorney for opening a bank account and a certified copy of the first page of your passport and send them to Ruber Zeppelin OÜ by post.
You will be emailed a sample power of attorney and the contact address upon your request.

2. Having received the documents (the power of attorney and a copy of your passport), we go to the bank and fill in the application from.  The bank will decide whether to open an account within five working days and will email a corresponding notification. After the approval has been granted by bank, the account may be opened within a term of 30 days.

3. Only after the bank has granted its approval (the approval will be emailed to you), you transfer a payment for our services and the fee charged by the bank for opening an account for a non-resident. We will then open a bank account for you and you will get all the necessary documents, a one-off password for your first sign-in, a PIN calculator to enter the Internet bank and a bank card in a sealed envelope. 



All the documents will be sent to the client in one letter because Swedbank issues the entire set of documents at once.

The bank documents may be sent in the following ways (delivery times are approximate and are based on our personal experience):

  • by registered post: cost – 8 euros; delivery time – approximately two weeks;
  • EMS: cost – 47 euros; delivery time – three days to two weeks (it is difficult to predict the exact delivery time);
  • DHL: cost – 60 euros; delivery time – up to three days. Special requirement: both the sender and the recipient should be legal persons (the requirement only applies to packages sent to Russia).



Payment for the services of opening a bank account under a power of attorney and sending back the bank document should be made only after the bank has granted its approval.  If the bank refuses to open an account, the power of attorney and the copy of your passport will be destroyed or sent bank to you at your expense.


Time frame

Within 4 to 8 working days after we have received from you the notarised power of attorney and all the information necessary to complete the bank form.



200 euros (200 euros charged by the bank + 200 euros charged for our services)



Procedure for opening a bank account in Swedbank


  1. You find us at EstonianCompany.eu 
  2. You contact us at info@estoniancompany.eu  or on +372 555 111 27
  3. We email you the draft power of attorney for opening a bank account
  4. You send the final version of the power of attorney to Tallinn.
  5. We go to the bank and submit an application for opening a bank account.
  6. The bank will make its decision in one to five days.
  7. You make the payment only if the bank approves the application.
  8. We go to the bank, make the payment and collect all the documents.
  9. We send you the documents, the PIN generator and the MasterCard Plus card.
  10. You get all the documents concerning your account. YOU ARE FREE TO OPERATE.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.